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Privacy Policy

With DIRECTUM company mobile apps, you can remotely work with DIRECTUM and DirectumRX system objects. By installing the apps, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

When you use our apps, your device stores the following information:

  • Username, system installation ID and app data refresh period. This information is required to sync application data with DIRECTUM and DirectumRX. For storing this information, we use the GET_ACCOUNTS privilege and create a special account:
    • DIRECTUM if you use Solo;
    • DIRECTUM Jazz if you use Jazz.

    We do not use your contact information and your address book data.

  • Photos, document texts, and app log files. This information is required for the apps to work correctly when you are offline. For storing this information, we use the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE privilege. The data is stored on an SD card or in your device’s internal memory. We do not share your photos with any external apps. We may share your document texts with another app when you open documents for editing.

We do not process, collect and share any other personal or confidential information.

Usage, storage, and deletion of data

When you sign in, your connection credentials (username and password) are sent in clear text. To ensure security of your data, we recommend that you use the HTTPS connection and a certificate issued by a trusted certifying authority.

All data that you enter while working in the app is passed to NOMAD server you specified at sign-in or in the app settings.

When you work with the app, it automatically records log files, which may be useful for analysis and troubleshooting. When you give us your feedback or send log files to administrator, in your email, OS version and device model are specified automatically.

Before deleting the app, you can delete all app information you previously uploaded to your device. To do it, in the app settings, click Delete Data.